Are you there god, its me….

Saturday morning.  Let’s go to work!  Sounds like a great idea, pity the RS6 doesn’t think so.  A day after picking up the car from Audi and a grand total of 17KM’s of travel I have a bit of an issue on the highway.

Going 100km/h the RS6 decides that its not going to work anymore and the engine cuts out.  Not really what you want happening at high speeds.  Managed to pull it over and try to get it started again.  No luck.  Plug the VAG in and get these codes: 


There was 10 codes in total:

P1459 Exhaust gas temperature sensor: implausible signal
P1232 Cylinder 8-fuel injector circuit-N86: short to ground
P1225 Cylinder 1-fuel injector circuit-N30: low
P1228 Cylinder 4-fuel injector circuit-N33: low
P1229 Cylinder 5-fuel injector circuit-N83: short to ground
P1227 Cylinder 3-fuel injector circuit-N32: low
P1230 Cylinder 6-fuel injector circuit-N84: short to ground
P1226 Cylinder 2-fuel injector circuit-N31: low
P1231 Cylinder 7-fuel injector circuit-N85: short to ground
P1455 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1-G235: implausible signal

Which means this gets to happen


This is now the RS6’s second time on the back of a flat bed tow truck.  It has now surpassed every other car I’ve owned in being towed.

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