It appears I’m not the only person having RS6 woes.  A friend who bought a brand new 2013 C7 RS6 is experiencing severe throttle or gear change lag at low speed.

His email to Audi:

Dear Sir
I am writing to register my dissatisfaction on a recent answer to a complaint about the severe throttle or gear change lag at low speed after deceleration, particularly after coming into a roundabout then trying to accelerate, it becomes dangerous, as at first nothing happens then depending on your timing or increase in throttle all hell can break loose.
Being told this is a high performance car this is the nature of the beast.
I was also  told that there was nothing could be done,  I don’t think so.
I don’t need to explain that this is not a acceptable answer for the value of the car.
The 4.0 TFSI engine twin-turbocharged V8 that was co-developed with Bentley, does the Bentley have the same problem?
If you can’t give me a satisfactory fix to this problem please escalate this to someone who can.

Audi’s response is that it’s a known software problem and they won’t fix it unless enough people complain about it.  When he  asked how many were sold and who bought them the reply was ‘some’ and only one other person in Brisbane is complaining.  When asked how the aftermarket tuners know about the problem and how they have fixed it they responded with “no warranty” if he pays to get it done.

This is looking like the Australian C5 RS6 DRC fiasco all over again.  For vehicles that cost around $250,000AU you would expect better support.

If you or someone you know is also having these problems hit the contact button up the top and drop me an email with your contact information.  Hopefully with enough people Audi might listen.

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