Continuum, Part 3

Carry out 136000k Service – $656.70

  • Engine oil changed. Oil filter replaced.
  • Front and rear light and horn functions checked.
  • Service interval display reset.
  • Memories of all self-diagnosis systems checked.
  • Visual body inspected for corrosion and damage to paintwork.
  • Door lock cylinders and bonnet arrester hooks lubricated.
  • Windscreen wiper & washer system checked.
  • Wiper blades inspected for damage.
  • Rails of sunroof cleaned and lubricated.
  • Tread depth and wear pattern of tyres checked.
  • Vehicles with tyre repair kit: Expiry date checked.
  • Warning/Indicator lamps, cigarette lighter, interior and glob box lighting checked.
  • Hydraulic fluid level checked.
  • Headlight settings checked and adjusted as necessary.
  • Garbox, final drive and boots checked for leaks and damage (visual inspection).
  • Brake pad/lining thickness checked.
  • Track rods, track control links, ball joints, guide bearings and drive shafts on front and rear axle checked.
  • Exhaust system checked for leaks and damage.
  • Brake system checked for leaks and damage.
  • Under body checked for damage and any loose fasteners or wiring (visual inspection)
  • Plenum chamber and water drain valves checked for dir and cleaned if necessary.
  • Battery condition checked.
  • Engine and all components in engine compartment checked for leaks and damage.
  • Antifreeze concentration checked and coolant topped up if necessary.
  • Tyre pressure checked and corrected if necessary.
  • Road test and final check.
  • Parts – Filter-oil (078115561K), Cleaner-W/Screen (G052164M2), Additive-Fuel (G001770A2), Washer-Sump Plug (N0138503), Engine Oil – Magnatec Pro (POL)

Coolant System – $7984.32

  • Carried out diagnosis for coolant leak and found leak from RH oil cooler.
  • Dismantled front end of engine and RH side and lifted engine.
  • Replaced leaking RH oil cooler assembly and associated gaskets and seals.
  • Remounted engine and reassembled side and front of engine.
  • Refilled cooling system and pressure tested – all ok.
  • Parts – Seals (077121437), Seat Seals (077198405), Washer (078115441), Bolt (N10468801), Seal (7H0820749), Bolt (4B0407643A), Bracket (077115405K), Alu Gskt 10×14 (04631014), Clamp-Host, 12/22mm (053911222)

Gearbox mounts split – $977.06

  • Remove and replace split gearbox mounts.
  • Parts – Bonded Rubber Mounting (4B3399151)

RHF CV boot split – $442.32

  • Removed RHF CV shaft and replaced split CV boot and reassembled.
  • Refitted shaft and checked operation.
    Parts – Boot (3B0498203F), Bolt-Driveshaft (N90441103)

Total – $11117.60

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