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So the Audi was in for its 120K service and to get the alternator fixed and some other little and bits and pieces that I have noticed about the car.  Here’s a rundown of the 1st service with the car.


Inspect Alternator Condition – $1047.08

  • Inspected and Found alternator not charging (077903015RX).
  • Removed and replaced as required

Inspect Park assist not working – $474.00

  • Inspected Park Assist not working.
  • Removed rear parcel shelf and trims and repaired and refitted loose connection to park assist sensor.

Inspected boot not closing/opening properly  – $280.25

  • Actuator had failed (4B5962115C & 4B5827947)
  • Removed and Replaced as required

Centre console latch broken – $578.14

  • Removed and replaced broken latch assembly for centre console (4B0864245AP22A)

Child Restraint cover missing – $7.51

  • Replaced missing cap (4F08873014PK)

Interior Mirror leaking fluid – $770.69

  • Removed and replaced interior rear-view mirror (4B0857511C01C)

Replaced broken front windscreen – $Free. 

  • Windscreen was damaged while replacing the rear-view mirror (4B4845099AENVB).

Damaged CV Boot – $79.00

  • Inspected and found left hand front outer CV boot split (441498203A & NGS1)
  • Removed and replaced as required

Suspension Bolt Broken- $135

  • Repaired broken rear suspension bolt

Carry out 120,000 KM Service as required – $1677.17

  • Engine oil changed, oil filter replaced.
  • Spark plugs replaced.
  • Air filters replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced.
  • Front and rear light and horn functions checked.
  • Service interval display reset.
  • Memories of all self-diagnosis systems checked.
  • Visual body inspected for corrosion and damage to paintwork.
  • Door lock cylinders and bonnet arrestor hooks lubricated.
  • Windscreen wiper & washer systems checked.
  • Wiper blades inspected for damage.
  • Rails of sunroof cleaned and lubricated.
  • Tread depth and wear patterns of tyres checked.
  • Warning/Indicator lamps, cigarette lighter and glove box lighting checked.
  • Hydraulic fluid level checked.
  • Headlight settings checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Gearbox, final drive and boots checked for leaks and damage (visual inspection).
  • Brake pad/lining thickness checked,
  • Track rods, track control links, ball joints, guide bearings and drive shafts on front and rear axel checked.
  • Exhaust system checked for leaks and damages.
  • Brake system checked for leaks and damages.
  • Under body checked for damage and any loose fasteners or wiring (visual inspection).
  • Plenum chamber and water drain valves checked for dirt and cleaned.
  • Battery condition checked.
  • Engine and all components in engine compartment checked for leaks and damage.
  • Antifreeze concentration checked and coolant topped up if necessary.
  • Tyre pressure checked and corrected if necessary.
  • Road check and file check.
  • Parts- Oil Filter (078115561K), Washer Sump Plug (0138503), Pollen Filter (4B0819439C), Fuel Filter (6N0201511A), Air Filter (077133843), Spark Plug (101000063AC), Gasket (077133428A), Cover (4B881942201C)


 Carry out BCY timing belt/tensioner replacement & replace broken front bumper trims – $2077.08

  • Carried out replacement of timing belt/tensioner and rollers and adjuster as required.
  • Replaced broken front bumper trims while bumper was off.
  • Parts – Timing Belt (078109119J), Tensioner Roller (077109485F), Idler Roller (077109244E), Roller (077109244C), Seal (077115147A), Screw (90637102), Oil Seal (026103085D), Clamp (053911222), Clamp (NGRHC48), Tank (4B0121403), Cover (1J0121321B), Adjustable Tensioner (AD140.289)


Inspect for fuel leak – $3720.81

  • Inspected and found fuel leak evident from right and left fuel tank caps and O-rings and return fitting.
  • Removed and replaced rear suspension and rear seats and replaced fuel tank and fittings and required.
  • Refitted suspension and checked operation.
  • Parts – Ring (8E0201877A, Washer (1J0919133B, Bolt Hex Head (90981302), Washer (90503703), Bolt (0199261), Tank (4B3201075H), Trim (4B3807173E1L1), Trim (4B3807174E1l1), Gasket (6N0919133), Clamp (05391816), Clamp (053911222), Clamp (05392812)


Leaking intercoolers – $1988.99

  • Removed and replaced leaking intercoolers and checked operation (077145785 & 077145804).


 The intercoolers while leaking “slightly” didn’t need to be replaced but since the front end was already off I purchased two new ones so I don’t have to worry about them being a problem later on.

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