Trials and Tribulations of owning a 2003 Audi RS6

Silicon is the future

APR are currently running a 15% off sale which I decided to take advantage of.


The guys down at Harding Performance hooked me up with an ECU / TCU chip and tune.

The numbers from this page are quoting 390kw and 730nm of torque.  I’m rather dubious of these numbers but we wont know until I get it on the dyno again.  The car however does feel a lot better.  There is defiantly a lot more toque being produced.

The chip comes with 4 pre-configured tunes to select from: stock, 95 octane , 98 octane, and valet mode.

Total cost with the 15% discount was $2885.00

The classics are always modern

It’s time to say goodbye to the APR cat back exhaust.  It’s been fun but it just wasn’t worth it.  The stock exhaust system has been put back on for the time being.

The removed and disassembled APR exhaust,

The stock RS6 exhaust before the refit,

And then this, because, why not,

And that concludes the APR exhaust trial.  You can check out the initial system install and rev up comparisons here, the dyno and power comparisons here.

The cost of oil

Oil leak has been fixed.  There doesn’t appear to be a sump gasket for the RS6, They use a silicone sealant.  See how long it lasts this time.

Rundown of expenses this time.

Oil and Filter Change Only – No Additives – $451.29

  • Removed and replaced Engine oil and filter.
  • Road test vehicle – all O.K.
  • Parts – Oil Filter (AD078115561K), Washer-Sump Plug (ADN0138503), Audi Oil – SLX III (POL).

Oil Leak from Engine – $252.77

  • Engine sump leaking.
  • Removed engine oil sump and cleaned sealing surfaces.
  • Applied sealant and reinstalled oil sump.
  • Degreased engine and road test vehicle.
  • Reinspected engine oil sump – all O.K.
  • Parts – Silicone Sealant 93G (ADD176404A2)

Total – $774.45

The oil alone was priced at $239.92.  From the limited amount of research I’ve done it appears the C5 RS6 holds 8 quarts or 7.5 litres of engine oil.  That works out to around $30 a litre for the Castrol SLX III.  The Audi Maintenance check sheet states: Engine Oil: Replenish VW standard VW 504 00, VW 505 01 Filling quantity 7.4 litre.

I was also having some intermittent problems with the rear interior light.  The lighting assembly was inspected and I was told that it should be replaced.

Quote from Audi was $268 for the part or $374 for the part and installation.


I checked on the ECS website for part number 4B09471116PS and found that they had the assembly for $196.51USD.  The downside is they want $76USD to ship the part which makes it more expensive than buying it directly through Audi Australia.

I have my eye on some other parts on the ECS website so I will hold off until I decide to buy multiple items to offset the shipping costs.

Oil leak

The sump guard has taken a lot of hits and scrapes over the years, even more so since I’ve lowered the RS6.  Thankfully one of the small cracks in the guard revealed that there was an oil leak.

Pulling the sump guard off revealed, obviously, a lot of oil.  Everywhere.  I cleaned up the sump, sway bar and surrounding areas and left the guard off.

After a couple of days of easy driving to and from work I put the car back up on the hoist and this is what it looks like: 




It appears to be coming from the back of the sump gasket. There is no oil above the gasket so it’s fairly safe to assume that it’s not coming from anything higher.  It’s booked in next week to get this looked at.

Lights out

Driving to work this morning I was greeted with this CEL.


Turns out it was a faulty drivers side brake light.


Two tabs hold in the light assembly.  By far the most user friendly maintenance task so far on this car.



Blub was a Phillips 12499 12V21/5W (P21/5W) Signalling Lamp.

$3.00 replacement from Repco.

Fehlerhafter Luftsack

Driving to work this morning the Air Bag light lit up again.  The last time this happened was back in late April.


Plugged in the VAG and got 00588 – Airbag Igniter – Driver Side – N95. Same code as last time.


Like last time, I tempted fate and reset the fault.  The steering wheel is still intact and so is my face.  I can tell this is going to be an continuing intermittent fault.  I will check with Audi next time I’m in if they can trace the wiring and see if there are any contacts that can be cleaned or re-seated.