RS6 ho!

Got the RS6 back from Audi.  Boost leak has been repaired free of charge.

Here is the rundown of the last service to get the suction jet valve and the prior gearbox issues resolved.

Auto Transmission Fault – $1635.40

  • Removed transmission pan and valve body
  • Replaced faulty harness and connection
  • replaced gasket and refitted valve body and sump
  • refilled gearbox to correct level and checked operation.
  • Parts – Clip (10201901), Harness (01L971661A), Ring (0123781), Sealing Washer (01V321379), Wiring Loom Connector (01L321371)

Bear in mind that I had previously purchased the Automatic Transmission Filter Kit from ECS and the 10 litres of Transmission fluid separately.  Buying ATF through Audi will cost you around $40 a litre.  Part number on the ATF was G052162A2.

Loud sucking noise from engine and brake pedal hard – $2660.61

  • Carried out diagnosis for sucking noise and hard brake pedal.
  • Removed all covers and removed inlet manifold
  • Replaced faulty suction jet valve and all vacuum lines
  • Replaced injector o rings and seals and clips
  • Replaced manifold gaskets and seals and refitted manifold
  • Refitted all cover trims and checked for vacuum leaks – all ok.
  • Parts- O Ring (035906149A), Housing (443906232), Hose (059130329), Clip (10201801), Gasket (077129717R), Seal (91010101), Pump (058133753D), Valve (078905291B), Seal (90832501), Grommet (10551301), Housing (1J0973999A), Housing (1J0973704)

Flush Injectors – $359.09

  • Remove and flush injectors

Total – $5765.99 including ATF and filter kit.

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