The cost of oil

Oil leak has been fixed.  There doesn’t appear to be a sump gasket for the RS6, They use a silicone sealant.  See how long it lasts this time.

Rundown of expenses this time.

Oil and Filter Change Only – No Additives – $451.29

  • Removed and replaced Engine oil and filter.
  • Road test vehicle – all O.K.
  • Parts – Oil Filter (AD078115561K), Washer-Sump Plug (ADN0138503), Audi Oil – SLX III (POL).

Oil Leak from Engine – $252.77

  • Engine sump leaking.
  • Removed engine oil sump and cleaned sealing surfaces.
  • Applied sealant and reinstalled oil sump.
  • Degreased engine and road test vehicle.
  • Reinspected engine oil sump – all O.K.
  • Parts – Silicone Sealant 93G (ADD176404A2)

Total – $774.45

The oil alone was priced at $239.92.  From the limited amount of research I’ve done it appears the C5 RS6 holds 8 quarts or 7.5 litres of engine oil.  That works out to around $30 a litre for the Castrol SLX III.  The Audi Maintenance check sheet states: Engine Oil: Replenish VW standard VW 504 00, VW 505 01 Filling quantity 7.4 litre.

I was also having some intermittent problems with the rear interior light.  The lighting assembly was inspected and I was told that it should be replaced.

Quote from Audi was $268 for the part or $374 for the part and installation.


I checked on the ECS website for part number 4B09471116PS and found that they had the assembly for $196.51USD.  The downside is they want $76USD to ship the part which makes it more expensive than buying it directly through Audi Australia.

I have my eye on some other parts on the ECS website so I will hold off until I decide to buy multiple items to offset the shipping costs.

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