Too good to be true part 3

Just picked up the RS6 from Audi.  Here is the rundown on the warranty work they did and the extra’s

Check Noise From Engine -$Warranty

  • Diagnosed noise from engine as failed bolt for belt idler pulley.
  • Set front of vehicle in service position for access to engine
  • Removed and replaced idler and bolt (10194702 & 077109485F)
  • Replaced engine timing belt (078109119J)
  • Refitted all components
  • Road test vehicle

Under tray bolts missing – $17.52

  • Fitted under tray as it should (8D0805121)

Fit Front LED park light bulbs in vehicle – $31.60

Replace water pump and thermostat – $647.88

  • Replaced water pump and o’ring (077121004PX, 053912540)
  • Replaced thermostat and seal (077121113D & 90136802)
  • Filled and bled cooling system with coolant
  • Pressure tested cooling system and re-checked for leaks

Total – $766.70

Drove the RS6 straight home, plugged in my VAG only to get this:


Called up Audi.  It’s been booked in next week to get the EGT’s replaced.

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