We’re off to see the wizard

So off to Audi I go again.  Work done this time:

AC High Pressure switch fault – $421.44

  • Removed and replaced high pressure switch (3R0959126 & 7H0820896)
  • Regassed system
  • Reset fault and road test vehicle

Intercooler Pipe Worn – $337.17

  • Remove and replace worn intercooler pipe on vehicle (077145719)
  • Check system for any further boost leaks; none.

Automatic Transmission Fault – $85.91

  • Vehicle requires new control unit and harness; parts ordered

 Supply and Code new Key – $547.61

  • Supplied and coded new key vehicle including current key. (4D0837246BINB, 4D0837231K01C, 0177233)

 LH Inner CV Boot Split – $349.50

  • Removed LH driveshaft from vehicle
  • Removed and replaced Split CV boot and cleaned and regreased joint. (8E0498201B & 4B0407643A)
  • Refitted all removed components from vehicle

 LH Engine mount worn – $771.01

  • Removed and replaced worn LH engine mount in vehicle. (4B3199379M, 90823501, 90663002, 90183802, 053915070)

Total – $2669.35

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