Winds of no change

So I’ve been having some more problems with bits and pieces.  Took the RS6 back into Audi today to see what they can find.

AC operation not cold enough.  AC keeps turning to ECON only. – $343.64

  • Carried out diagnosis on AC fault. 
  • Regassed AC system and checked for leaks; none.
  • Found fault with high pressure sensor in AC system.
  • Requires new high pressure switch.

Check for Boost leak from drivers side intercooler piping – $85.91

  • Intercooler host worn and requires replacement.

P0711 Transmission fluid temp sensor a circuit-G93:Range/Performance – $343.64

  • Diagnosed transmission fault in vehicle and found internal fault in temp sonsor which is part of the valve body circuit.
  • Vehicle requires new valve block

So that was a nice $850 trip to tell me what was wrong with the car.  Parts have been ordered and I should be hearing back from them soon.

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